Wednesday, October 21, 2020


Aubergines / Brinjal Curry - white or paal curry


A very common dish in Yarlpanam


Brinjal / Aubergines 250 Gms
Ash Plantain 1
Green chillies 4
Onions 1 medium
Salt to taste
Turmeric powder ½ teaspoon
Coconut milk or milk 1 cup


Wash and cut aubergines lengthwise into two and then slice each half into ¾ inch wide pieces across.

Skin the ash plantain and cut into ¾ inch cubes.

Slice green chillies lengthwise into two.

Dice onions.

In a pan place cut pieces of aubergines, ash plantain cubes, green chillies, onions and turmeric powder and add water to half full, cover and heat in a low flame.

Occasionally stir the mixture and cook until all the aubergines have become soft adding water if necessary.

When cooked, mash the mixture adding salt to taste and milk as necessary.

Bring to boil again and simmer until most of the liquid has been absorbed.

You can garnish this dish at the end.


You can add prawns or dried sprats to this - add 100 Gms of cleaned and washed prawns or dried sprats with the aubergines pieces and cook with other ingredients. When using prawns or sprats do not mash. This would be non vegetarian dish.


Aubergines Kulambu


A vegetarian's favourite dish


Aubergine 200 Gms
Onion 1 large
Garlic 4 cloves
Salt to taste
Curry powder 1 tablespoon
Oil for frying
Tamarind paste 1 teaspoon
Milk 1 cup
Curry leaves 10


Cut aubergines lengthwise into two and the slice them into ¾ inch pieces.

Deep fry these pieces and drain them on an absorbent paper. (You can prepare this before hand)

In a hot pan, add 1 tablespoon oil and sauté the diced onions until they turn golden.

Add the fried aubergines pieces, curry powder, chopped garlic, salt, tamarind paste and milk and cook until the mixture boils well

Then simmer until gravy thickens in low heat.

Remove from fire and rest for 20 minutes.

No Garnish here.

You can cook this in a microwave and use a microwaveable dish. Initially sauté the onions and place this in the dish, along with other ingredients and cover and cook for 20 minutes in low heat and stir. If liquid remain allow to simmer until gravy thickens.

See Microwave dishes.




Aubergines Sambal 

This is a delicious dish made with cooked aubergines, onions, green chillies and milk or yoghurt just like salad.


Aubergines - thin slender variety is better as they will get cooked easily 200 Gms
Onions 1 large
Green chillies 3
Milk or Yoghurt 1 cup
Lime juice 1 teaspoon


In Yarlpanam, the aubergines were cooked by placing them on red hot firewood and rotating them as they get cooked.

You can also cook this in a microwave cooker or a hot oven to get the same effect.

If it is a microwave cooker then place the aubergine on a plate and cook in medium heat until it becomes soft.

If it is a conventional oven, place the aubergine on an oven proof dish and heat at 180 degrees C for about 20 minutes or until it is soft.

When cooked and soft leave it to cool and go to the next step.

When cool peel the skin off carefully and place the soft interior in a dish.

Beat this with a fork to mince it well. You could use a liquidizer as well.

Chop the onion and green chillies into small pieces.

Add these with salt to the mashed aubergines and mix.

Add 2 to 3 tablespoon of yoghurt and lime juice and mix well.

Keep in the fridge until used.


Aubergines Fried


A Lovely and tasty dish, and a vegetarian's delight.


Aubergines 200 Gms
Onions 200 Gms
Oil for frying
Chilli powder 2 teaspoon
Turmeric powder ½ teaspoon


Slice aubergines into ½ inch thick slices.

Deep fry this in oil and drain them on an absorbent paper.

You can do this previously and keep.

Slice onions into thin slices and fry them in oil until they turn golden.

Constantly keep turning.

When onions have turned golden, add the fried aubergines, chilli powder, turmeric powder, salt and stir on low heat.

Keep cooking and stirring until the mixture has cooked well and turned brown.

Take care not to overcook.

Drain well all the oil.