Sunday, July 14, 2024


Wedding Cake

This has become more popular in the recent times


Semolina (roasted) 16 Oz
Butter 16 Oz (Definitely not margarine)
Dates 16 Oz
Pumpkin Preserve 16 Oz
Sugar 2 lb
Ginger Preserve 8 Oz
Chow Chow 8 Oz
Candied Peel (Mixed peel in sugar syrup) 8Oz
Cadju 16 Oz
Raisins 16 Oz
Sultanas 16 Oz
Cherries 8Oz
Pineapple Jam 1 Bottle
Strawberry Jam 1 Bottle
Eggs 25 - Yolk 25 and White 12
Brandy 1 Wineglass
Honey 1 Wineglass
Rose Water 2 teaspoon
Cardamon powder ½ teaspoon
Cinnamon powder ½ teaspoons
All spices ½ teaspoon


Chop all the fruits and cadju coarsely in a food processor.

Mix all ingredients including chopped fruits and except sugar and eggs together in a bowl.

Leave this mixture for 2 days in a refrigerator.

Two days later,

Beat the eggs and sugar together in another bowl and mix with this the earlier mixture.

Put this mixture in a rectangular tray and possible a square tray.

Cover with foil and bake.

Bake at Gas mark 150 C for 5 hours

Remove the foil cover for the last half hour and bake.