Monday, June 24, 2024


Microwave Rice Dishes

Milk Rice (Paal pongal) 

Paal pongal can be cooked in a microwave oven, here is the method.


Red raw rice 2cups
Water 3 cups
Coconut milk 2 cup


Wash the rice and drain.

In a microwaveable dish, place the washed rice, water and milk and cover.

Cook in low heat for 10 minutes.

Remove and stir well and cook again for further 10 minutes.

The rice will be cooking.

Stir again and continue to cook further in low heat until the rice is cooked well, all the liquid has been absorbed and the rice is gluey.

If not just add boiling water and cook until the rice is well cooked.

There is no fear that the rice will stick to the bottom of the pan.

Pilau Rice or Yellow Rice - Microwave Cooking

This delicate tasty rice also can be cooked in the microwave cooker.


Basmati rice 2 cups
Saffron one good pinch
Pilau rice seasoning 2 teaspoon heaped - available in all supermarkets
Butter 2 tablespoon or ghee
Water 4 cups


Soak the saffron in one tablespoon hot water.

Soak rice in water, wash and drain well using a sieve.

In a microwave dish add the rice, saffron water, water, ghee, and the pilau rice seasoning.

Stir and cook in low heat for 10 minutes.

Stir again for the last time and continue to cook in low heat until the rice is cooked and all the water has been absorbed.

It is ready to serve.

Plain Rice - Microwave cooking


Rice any variety (Basmati, Long grain, Easy cook, Red rice or Samba) 1 cup
Water twice the amount of rice by the same measure i.e. 2 cups


The rice is going to be cooked by absorption method.

Wash rice well in water and drain the water completely.

In a microwaveable dish place the rice and add water.

Cover and place this dish in the microwave and start heating at half heat for 10 minutes. Remove and shake the dish to mix the rice evenly, do not open the cover.

Cook again at half heat until all the water has been absorbed.

Note the time it takes to cook, as different varieties of rice take different times to cook.

Do not overcook as the rice will dry out.

Wait for two minutes and it is ready to eat.