Wednesday, May 22, 2024


Kitchen Tips

Never store potatoes near onions. Potatoes rot quickly if stored near onions.

Never store ladies finger near lemons. They will lose their tenderness quickly.

To store chilli powder longer, keep a piece of asafoetida in the same container.

To remove the coffee stain in the cup, fill it with any kind of soda for 3 hours.

If you drop an egg on the floor, cover it with salt and leave it for a couple of minutes. Cleaning the mess will be easy with a paper towel.

Store tomatoes with stems pointed down and they will stay fresher, longer.

If you happen to bite a chilli in your food take a sip of cold milk to sustain the heat.

Never keep greens in plastics, it will rot quickly.

To avoid refrigerator stinking keep a piece of lemon.

While storing green chillies, remove the stems. This will help the chillies to stay fresh for a longer time.

To keep lemon fresh put them in water and store in refrigerator.

To Peel Garlic, fry on hot pan for few seconds peel will come out very easily.

To peel the almonds easily, keep them covered in boiling hot water for five minutes.