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We endeavour to give you the best possible web site in Yarlpanam cooking. As you already know that this site is mainly useful to the Yarlpanam younger generation living away from their homeland and wish they had tasted Yarlpanam cooking. We have given you some related information to Yarlpanam such as Palmyrah palm, description on Jaffna, Traditions and Customs in Yarlpanam, Arusuvai and Microwave cooking in addition to recipes and various useful tips.

We are constantly improving the site contents with new and amended articles. For this development we depend on your feedback. Please write to us about the site and articles and any other matter that may be of interest for those who will visit this site. We will read all your comments and reply you too as soon as possible. Your comments will be noted and action taken as soon it is possible.

In the most recent update we have reedited most of the articles and added some new ones following requests from users and some more recipes also have been added. I hope they are useful and interesting and wish to have your feedback. Also the front end of the site is completely reedited and is easy to use using new versions of software .Please add your comments to me.

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