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Moor Mulagai or curd chillies – மோர் மிளகாய்



                 Raw Moor Milakai                                     Fried Moor Milakai

This is another side dish or accompaniment common in Yarlpanam more so in vegetarian homes and restaurants and in meals at ceremonies. These are served as an alternative to salted dry chillies. When made these can be stored in dry place for future use.


Green Chillies 500 grams
Sour thick curd 500ml
Salt powdered 3 tablespoon
Glass jar with glass lid


Buy good quality green chillies; remove any unwanted or diseased chillies. Wash and let them drain.

Once drained, a small slit is made in the middle of each chilli so that buttermilk can be absorbed easily

Put the curd in a large earthen vessel, add salt and water and whisk them together. Add just enough water to make the curd slightly liquidy, not too much.

Now put all the chillies into the pot and mix well so that all of it is soaked in the curd mixture.

Cover the mouth of the pot with cotton cloth and tie this round the mouth of the pot tight.

Leave the pot undisturbed for 24 hours after which shake the pot gently holding by both hands, do not open the pot. Do this every day for two more days.

Remove the chillies after three days from the pot leaving the curd mixture in the pot and spread on a mat and dry them in the sun.

At the end of each day of drying, immerse the chillies in the remaining curd and cover.

Remove them next morning and dry them again.

Repeat this process of drying and immersing until all the curd has been absorbed and the chillies are dry.

The chillies once well dried are stored in clean dry containers preferably glass jars and used when needed.

Using Moor Milagai:

These are deep fried in boiling oil with medium heat in a pot. Place few chillies as needed and stir until they turn dark brown and crispy. Do not overcook. These normally cook very quickly.