Saturday, April 20, 2024

Dry fish curry



Dry fish 200 Gms
Onions 1 large
Curry powder - roasted 1 tablespoons
Green chillies 2
Tomato 1 medium
Milk or coconut milk 1 cups
Salt to taste


Remove skin if you can or try to remove scales, clean the fish and cut into medium sized pieces.

Dice onions and cut green chillies lengthwise into two and slice tomato.

In a pan, add dry fish pieces, curry powder, onions, green chillies, tomato slices and salt. (Remember the dry fish has salt in it so this curry will need less salt)

Add 1 cup water and cook in low fire. When the tomato pieces are soft, add the milk and simmer until gravy is thick.

Serve with: rice


1) Add potato instead of tomato.

2) Paththia curry: Add charakku powder and ground garlic paste instead of curry powder and cook. This dish is normally given to nursing mothers as this gives all the goodness of spices and salt during their lactation period.