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Parotta is another form of Gothamba roti that originated from North India. This is again a common dish made now everywhere in the world. Sometimes it is a substitute for Gothamba roti. Both these are basically same except Parotta is round and multi layered whereas Gothamba roti can be round but usually flat and thin.


All purpose wheat flour 280 Gms
Luke warm Water as needed
Salt to taste
Oil as needed


Sieve and mix the flour and salt in a bowl.

Add warm water and mix to a smooth non sticky dough by hand.

Knead well and make a ball.

Cover the bowl with a wet muslin cloth and leave for 1 to 2 hours.

When ready divide the dough into small balls of the size of golf ball or little larger.

Apply some oil on a ball of dough.

On a flat surface like chopping board, apply little oil and roll the ball of dough into thin layer with a roller.

Make this as thin as possible irrespective of size and shape.

Now apply more oil over the rolled dough.

Using both hands, make pleats on the rolled dough like making pleats in a saree starting from one end to the end of the dough.

Holding at one end of the pleated dough, rotate and make a spiral of the dough.

Keep this aside covered with wet muslin.

Repeat this pleating and spiralling with the other balls of dough and cover them with wet muslin.

Now heat a skillet and apply oil on top.

As this gets hot, take a spiral of dough and place on the chopping board and use a roller to roll over. Do not make it thin. Keep the shape rounded.

This spiral has been made into a rounded roti shape.

Fry these one by one on the hot skillet until each turns specked brown on both sides.

When three or four Parottas has been made, place the cooked Parottas on a flat surface one on top other and hold by both hands and move the hands in a clapping fashion in order to gently beat the Parottas in order to separate the layers. Do not use excessive force.

Now it is ready to serve.

Serve with: Meat curry, Dhal curry or any curries

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