Saturday, April 20, 2024


Mutton Kulambu


This dish is hot and has gravy and cooked with potatoes and coconut milk and this is a fairly common dish with families who have connections in Malaysia.


Lamb or mutton 500Gms - can include bones
Onions 2 medium
Coconut milk or milk 2 cups
Fennel seeds 1 teaspoon
Roasted curry powder 2 tablespoons
Green chillies 5
Ginger 1 inch piece
Curry leaves 10
Oil 2tablespoons
Lime juice ½ tablespoon
Potatoes 200Gms


Wash and cut meat into ¾ inch cubes. Dice onions, and cut green chillies lengthwise into two. Dice ginger into very small pieces.

lean and cut potatoes into 1 inch cubes.

Dry roast fennel seeds until they turn golden brown, add 1 tablespoon oil and fry onions until they turn soft, add ginger pieces, green chillies, curry leaves and cook further until onions turn golden.

Now add the meat, salt, curry powder, 1 cup warm water, and cook covered for 5 minutes or until meat is cooked half way.

Now add the potato pieces, stir and cook for another five minutes in the liquid that is there in the pan.

Now add coconut milk. The liquid should be just above the level of meat and potato.

Cook on gentle heat until meat is cooked, simmer till gravy thickens a little or to your liking.

Remove from fire and add lime juice and set aside for 20 minutes before eating.

This dish goes well with rice, string hoppers, pittu etc.