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Rasavalli Pudding - ராசவள்ளி



                         Rasavalli pudding


This is also called King Yam and when cooked it is delicious and sweet. This can be eaten at breakfast and also as tea time snacks as well as dessert after main meal.


Rasavalli yam 500 Gms
Condensed milk 1 tin
Sugar as needed
Water 2 cups


When this yam is bought there will be soil sticking to it on the surface and it should be well washed before anything else is done to it.

Peel the skin and discard any damaged portions.

Wash well again and cut the yam into smaller pieces.

In a pan place these pieces and add the water and cook until the pieces become soft.

When soft mash these leaving no lumps.

Then add sufficient condensed milk and stir and cook.

Taste and add sugar or condensed milk to get the taste suited for you.

Cook while stirring until this has thickened slightly.

When you spread this yam paste on a flat dish and allow to cool this becomes a firm smooth paste.

Then this can be cut into slices with a butter knife and eaten as slices.

Some people use coconut milk and sugar as opposed to condensed milk.

It tastes better with condensed milk but traditionally made with coconut milk.