Wednesday, May 22, 2024


Paal Roti 

This is not a breakfast dish or a snack but used at ceremonies connected with girls coming of age (puberty). It is an easy recipe made from rice flour and coconut milk.


Raw red rice flour 1 cup and some granules,
Coconut milk as necessary,
Oil for frying


Soak raw red rice in water for 2 hours; grind it to a fine powder. Sieve and retain some granules and grind the rest of granules to a fine powder.

In a bowl mix the rice flour and the granules with salt and coconut milk into dough.

The dough should not be sticky but soft like the dough of string hoppers.

Do not use any water.

Make small balls slightly bigger than the size of a lime and then flatten it in the form of a disc.

Once all the dough has been converted into discs, fry them in hot oil until they are golden.

After all this these are discarded after the ceremony for which this was made!