Monday, December 17, 2018


Coconut rock

This is made usually in every home as a hobby by most girls. This will keep for several days.


Condensed milk 1 tin
Coconut grated 3 cups
Sugar 2 cups
Vanilla 2 teaspoons
Colouring as required
Water as required


In a pan over a low flame, put all the ingredients and stir continuously taking care not to allow sticking to the bottom.

Add little water if required to keep it moist.

When the mixture turns into a ball, remove from fire.

Spread on to a greased flat plate evenly and cut into pieces before it sets.

Allow to cool and set hard.




Fruit Salad


Any combination of fruits can be used as long as they are ripe.


Cashew nuts
Condensed milk


Peel and dice the mango, pine apple, papaw and apple into small dices and keep separately.

Peel and cut bananas into small pieces and squeeze lemon over this to prevent it from becoming black.

Peel oranges and remove pips if any and separate from the white skin. (In the West canned oranges and pine apple pieces are available and can be used instead).

De seed grapes and cut into halves.

Dry roast the cadju nuts and cut them into halves.

Now mix equal amounts of fruits in a bowl and roasted cashew nuts and condensed milk and stir well.

It will be sweet enough, if not add some sugar to sweeten it.

Which fruits constitute the salad depends on the individual taste.

Serve with: Ice cream or cream



Milk toffee



Condensed milk 1 tin
Water 1 cup
Peanuts 100 Gms
Coco powder 2 tablespoons (optional)
Butter 50 Gms
Sugar 500 Gms


Boil the water in a pan.

Stir in the condensed milk and sugar in that pan on gentle heat without letting it to stick to bottom and avoid lumps.

Keep stirring until the mixture becomes somewhat thick.

Add butter, vanilla, coco powder and peanuts and remove from fire.

Apply butter to a flat tray and pour this mixture into this tray and spread flat.

Cut into pieces as this solidifies.








Semolina 1 cup
Sugar 1 ½ cup
Butter 100 Gms or ghee
Cadju nuts 10
Plums 1 tablespoon
Cardamom powder pinch
Kesari powder 1 pinch - Kesari powder is powdered saffron


Chop and fry cadju and plums separately in hot butter or ghee.

In a pan roast the semolina with some butter or ghee until golden.

To this add 2 cups of boiled water, kesari powder and cook until semolina is well cooked and soft.

Now stir in the sugar and keep stirring to avoid sticking to bottom of the pan, add the rest of melted butter or ghee and cook for further three minutes stirring all the time.

When done, add the roasted cadju, plums and cardamom powder and stir and remove from fire.

Spread the mixture evenly in a greased flat tray and cut into squares and let it cool.






Mysore pahu


Gram flour 1 cup
Sugar 3 cups
Ghee 1 cup or butter equivalent amount
Water as necessary


In a pan dry roast the gram flour to a golden colour and remove.

In this pan over low fire, heat one cup water to boil and add sugar and stir and make sugar syrup.

Now slowly add little gram flour and little ghee at a time stirring all the time.

Repeat this until all the gram flour and ghee had been used.

Stir and cook until the mixture becomes a soft ball.

Remove from fire and spread the mixture on a greased flat plate or tray evenly.

Cut into small pieces and let it cool.